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Company History

Sterling Machine Technologies was the vision of Randy Herr to operate a company where top performing employees who acted like owners have the opportunity to receive the benefits that were usually reserved for the owners. Since those individuals also had the expertise and drive to make the company successful, he felt they should be respected as an essential part of the business.

As the opportunity presented itself in 1987, he began working part time to grow the business as well as working a full time job. Due to his integrity and skill, and the blessing of the Lord, the demand for his services became more than his part time hours could handle. He needed someone to handle the business aspects and grow the customer base so he could continue to focus on the actual work of creating parts and running the shop.

At that point, his wife Gina, who had her own business, decided to get involved so the company could continue to the next level. It was agreed that they would put up a large steel building and purchase larger machines. She pursued new and larger customers, took care of the finances, purchasing, HR, office and government related duties. And the rest , as they say, is history.

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1987 Purchased the first lathe from the Mechanicsburg Army Depot
Set up operations in a small building on our property
Acquired customers
Worked part time filling orders
1995 Built a 40' x 60' steel building
Purchased a Cincinnati H40 Horizontal machining center from Ohio
1996 Went to full time operation
Hired another full time operator
Purchased a Cincinnati vertical machining center
Continued to expand our customer base
1999 Expanded the facility and added more equipment and employees
2005 Added a 5,000 square foot building and an on-site office addition for a total of 20,000 square feet Purchased additional equipment and hired more employees
2007 Added another 5,000 square feet steel building Purchased more equipment Continued to add more employees - currently 32

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